I'm a firm believer in constantly improving my skills. I like having a core set of frameworks I use day to day (.NET Core and React currently) but also like to expand my knowledge and try other things.

That started this year with picking up React as a front end framework (I'd always been an Angular guy). Turns out, React makes more sense to my little brain than Angular ever did so that turned out to be a very happy experiment.

That's got me thinking about where I want to go in the next 12 months with my development skills.

Expand my back end framework knowledge

I am and always have been a .NET developer. Anything server-side has always been in .NET Framework and more recently .NET core.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, I like having options. So in the next 12 months, I'm going to start experimenting with another server-side framework. Which one is still up for debate...

Node seems to well used around the internet, I hear a lot of good things about Go and recently read an article about the incredible speed of Rust. So plenty of choices. Any suggestions from anyone reading this are greatly appreciated.

Get official with AWS

In a similar vein to the Angular/React experiment, I've also started to explore AWS vs Azure (mainly due to my employer going all out AWS).

On that front, I am aiming to get my AWS certifications in architecture and development in the first few months of next year.

Knowing how cloud apps should be developed as intended by the company that builds the platform, instead of how stack overflow recommends, is an invaluable skill.

Test-Driven Development

From an all-round perspective, I plan on really ramping up my usage of TDD. Whilst I do write unit tests for all most some of the code I write, I want to really grasp the TDD principles.

Whilst time constraints are the main issue, sometimes it's pure forgetfulness. I write a section of code and then realize after that I never wrote a test for it.

All about habit building, but it's certainly a good habit to get into.

Over to you

I'd love to hear what your plans are for 2020, how do you plan on bettering yourself as a developer? Drop a message in the comments.

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